I'm 5'8 and have always wanted to be TALLER. Since first grade I've always envied the tallest girls. The odd thing is that whenever I've worn 4" heels, nobody ever commented how tall I was. And that includes disguising the artificial height by wearing heeled boots with long jeans covering them. I've even added a one-inch shoe lift to gain five inches, and nobody ever seemed to notice I looked naturally so tall.

5'8 really isn't that tall, though. I've gone to Las Vegas many times, wearing the 4" boots, and I still got dwarfed by men in crowded casinos and on the crowded Strip. In fact, I couldn't believe how many taller WOMEN I kept passing, or women I was eye to eye with who were wearing sneakers!

Like you, I don't like looking UP at people. And though 5'8 isn't that tall, it's tall enough such that whenever I'm looking up at a woman, it seems strange.

My niece used to be in a volleyball organization in high school, and every year there'd be a huge volleyball competition at the downtown convention center. It was ridiculous: There'd be groups of teams walking outside; I'd pass by them and they'd all be so much taller, yet were only teens and still growing.

Inside the convention center I'd be in the bathroom and there'd be all these tall women in their 30s and 40s--the moms! It was so weird, walking through crowds of teen girls I was looking way up at.

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