Childhood environment is very relevant. The YOUNGEST child may also develop a bossy, loud, interrupting an attempt to be heard by several older siblings and taken seriously rather han be regarded as the baby of the family. Hence, some loud, very vocal types may be the youngest in a large family.

Innate temperament may play a role, and it can be subdued in childhood, but as the child grows and gains age-related confidence, that inborn temperament comes through.

Your inborn temperament is perhaps choleric, while your husband's is phlegmatic. They are polar opposites. A choleric person almost always marries a phlegmatic. Choleric means outspoken, assertive, type A. They are the DOERS. Phlegmatic means laid back, mellow, introspective, introverted. They are the LISTENERS.

Meanwhile, the sanguine temperament is the TALKER, and the meloncholy temperament is the THINKER.

You may be a blend of choleric/sanguine.