Why do stories about obese, younger unvaxxed adults dead from covid keep saying they “had no underlying conditions”?

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Avoid doing these incredibly stupid things and you just might never get murdered.


Six Stupid Decisions that Can Get You Murdered

#1… Don’t Answer the Door!

It’s unbelievable how many people, who have every reason to believe that the next person at their door will be the sociopath who’s been stalking them, will actually answer their door late at night or even past midnight — despite not expecting anyone.


1 … “You always have to have the last word.”

“Actually, you’re half-correct. I always have to have the last intelligent word. So if I have the last spoken word, I win. But if you have the last spoken word, it’ll never be intelligent, so I’ll always have the last intelligent word. I win either way!”

Stop pointing out what I didn’t mention.


The short-term solution shouldn’t preclude a long-term solution

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Gasp! Any job I ever had was only about $$$.



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How can so many people be this dumb?

I was once so infuriated by a loser who was driving around without his headlights that I followed him, where he turned into a gas station. This was after I kept flashing my brights at him.


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Content creator/owner of a health/wellness website who retired early on its passive income. Love lifting heavy weights; former cert. pers. trainer. Conservative

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