It’s a slippery slope when Autism spectrum disorder qualifies someone for the Special Olympics.

When many people think of Special Olympics, they think of people with Down syndrome or another form of intellectual disability (more informally, a low IQ). However, those with ASD are also eligible to compete — with no consideration for IQ or intellectual capacity. Thus, Elon Musk is eligible to compete…

The scammer sends you an email with the subject line Image Copyright Infringement and wants you to link back to his site. DON’T.

Have you gotten an email from someone claiming that an image in your article is being used without authorization, and that you need to immediately attribute it with a link provided by the email sender?

Did they say you could put the link anywhere in your article?

Did they also…

Nobody cannot NOT starve to death.

To be doomed to obesity means you can’t NOT starve to death. Look, nobody wants you to starve yourself to lose 100 pounds of excess weight, but to insist you’re “meant to have a bigger body” is a thought process that needs to be challenged.

The new catchphrase is “living…

Neurotypicals do for a living what you’re “obsessed” with. WTF.

NTs study sharks for a living. They tag them, view them underwater from metal cages, dissect them in a lab, write books about them and put together National Geographic TV shows about them.

But heaven forbid if a 12-year-old clips newspaper articles about sharks, draws them and wants to talk…

How COOL to be comatose for a few weeks! As a child I wanted this more than a giant candy bar.

I don’t know how the fascination with comas started, but I know that at the time of this, I was 10, possibly nine.

I actually wanted to get bonked on the head to experience unconsciousness. But I assure you, I NEVER tried to induce unconsciousness. Instead, I thought it would’ve…

Lorrae G.

Content creator/owner of a health/wellness website who retired early on its passive income. Love lifting heavy weights; former cert. pers. trainer. Conservative

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