Don’t know what to do with your eyes as a stranger is walking your way on a sidewalk? There’s a simple solution.

Upon reading a few threads in autism online communities, I’ve found that some people feel it’s necessary to make eye contact with a stranger who’s walking towards them from the opposite direction — on a public street or in a building corridor.

Making this kind of eye contact with a…

Because “Health” is very misleading: Implies a state of well-being and low risk for future disease.

HAES stands for health at every size. It’s a very controversial phrase and has ignited an abundance of Internet sparks. And this isn’t just because the “H” in HAES is believed by some to stand for “healthy.”

Many who already know it stands for “health” still find this term to…

The great “Little House” series is studded with loopholes. Fans want answers.

“Little House on the Prairie” was one of the most popular TV shows, having aired from 1974 to 1983.

#1. Why was Carrie never more than a prop?

Carrie was Pa and Ma Ingalls’ third youngest daughter, who was around three or four when the series began. So maybe a preschooler doesn’t need a major storyline.

But it seems…

What’s the cutoff point that makes a hobby autistic-grade? Many NTs love dinosaurs and trains!

“I could talk about this all night,” said the man who was leading the sightseeing boat for whale watching in Hawaiian waters. He was referring to the beauty of whales as they exhibited water surface behavior. This guy really knew his whales and was able to answer any question from…

What’s going on with drivers’ brains that they can’t simultaneously talk and keep their eyes on the road?

Of course, talking while driving — even if you have your eyes 100% on the road — still compromises your defensive driving skills. But sometimes, we HAVE to speak to our passengers.

But let’s focus on something that’s totally elective, totally unnecessary: LOOKING at the passenger you’re speaking to, as…

Lorrae G.

ASQ 32. Content creator/owner of health/wellness website; retired early on its passive income. Into heavy weightlifting, fitness. Former cert pers trainer.

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